The basic principle of a biogas plant is relatively simple. Renewable raw materials from agriculture, animal droppings, residues from the food and agro-industry, can be used as input materials.

In airtight fermentation vessels - the so-called digesters - a fermentation process is stimulated and produces biogas using bacteria. The bacteria are similar to those which can also be found in the digestive tract of a cow. Main products of anaerobic degradation are energy-rich methane and carbon dioxide. Since both are gaseous, they separate from the fermentation substrate and form the main components of biogas. Carbon dioxide is not oxidized, but then can be supplied together with the energy-rich methane cogeneration power stations of combustion and fed into each locally existing heat network.


Bio-digesters have 3 anaerobic chambers that treat Human wastes effectively, and don’t require any cleaning or emptying the tank because of its unique systematic structural arrangements.

To start with the very first chamber, where in, the Human wastes arrive from the toilet’s outlet, consequently the solids drop to the bottom of the tank because of the systematic structure of the bio-digester tank and the high graded pre residing bacteria (i.e. anaerobic bacteria, which can survive in the absence of oxygen) rushes for their job (i.e. eating away organic waste and decomposing entire occurring pathogens).

When this chamber is filled, the water overflows to the second chamber where more of the same happens, except at this time most of the biological/solid/sludged matter has been left in the first chamber. When the water overflows into the third chamber, it is almost 90% clean and hence the final stage of digestion takes place.

The treatment, the task of cleansing water is continuously carried forward from the start to the end point, till the water exits the bio-digester. When the treated water finally comes out from the bio-digester and into our irrigation pipelines (optional if required), it is 98% clean and free from entire pathogens.

This water is now safe to be used for underground irrigation via pipes buried below the surface. However, the treated water should not be used for human or animal consumption, or for household cleaning without going through additional treatment


Farm machinery, mechanical devices, including tractors and implements, used in farming to save labour. Farm machines include a great variety of devices with a wide range of complexity: from simple hand-held implements used since prehistoric times to the complex harvesters of modern mechanized agriculture.

The operations of farming for which machines are used are diverse. For crop production they include handling of residues from previous crops; primary and secondary tillage of the soil; fertilizer distribution and application; seeding, planting, and transplanting; cultivation; pest control; harvesting; transportation; storage; premarketing processing; drainage; irrigation and erosion control; and water conservation. Livestock production, which not so long ago depended primarily on the pitchfork and scoop shovel, now uses many complicated and highly sophisticated machines for handling water, feed, bedding, and manure, as well as for the many special operations involved in producing farm  produce 



Agricultural  Solutions Kenya is the one stop shop for  biogas installation ,biodigester septic tanks and agricultural equipment .
Renewable energy Solutions 
Do you need to reduce farm cost? Biogas Energy may be your answer, too. agrisolutions kenya  ensures that customers start enjoying the benefit of Biogas energy. They will fully make use of the available farm wastes. The biogas digester is easy to setup or maintain and comes at an affordable price, too. A customer can greatly reduce energy cost while making the environment better through the production of Biogas energy. Our Biogas digesters and its parts are all available in our showroom at friendly terms inclusive of installation, training and future modification in case such a need arises
Agricultural Equipment 
When the harvest is ready and we get to the market, who will get more income? However, most customers do not get the true value of their effort.  This is because they don’t engage in value addition of their agricultural products. Agrisolutions Kenya ensures that farm produce processing is simple and possible to many people in Kenya.
Our mission is to source from reputable manufacturers the complete agricultural and industrial plants and equipment. The customers need them for the processing and packing or the value addition process. Agrisolutions Kenya removes the guess work of what is required and the complexity associated with the importation process. Agrisolutions Kenya  ensures that the installation, commissioning and modifications of these complete agricultural and industrial plants are undertaken successfully.


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